Old Pensions and Coffee

Our client asked us to review a number of pension schemes from old employers, with one of the schemes run by a well-known Scottish insurer dating back to the 1980’s.

As part of our review of any pension scheme we write for detailed information on the scheme, and we look at the charges on the contract. In this case alarm bells immediately began to ring, as the fund only had a small value which was surprising given it had been invested for over 30 years. On checking the charges we discovered that there were a number of ‘set’ fees, rather than percentage charges. There were a number of these, such as a set monthly plan charge and also a fee as contributions were no longer being paid. Fortunately such charges are extremely rare nowadays.

When the charges over the year were added up they came to over 10% of the plan value a year, so it is not surprising the value was not great, as it will have been falling year upon year for many years. The projected final values at retirement were nil for every projection, excepting if the higher rate of return were achieved in which case the whole fund could be used to buy about 4 cups of coffee – not a great outcome.

Fortunately having identified this we were able to move the plan to a new contract with a much more attractive charging structure, and whilst the final value of this plan is still not projected to be massive, at least you wouldn’t be able to spend it with 3 friends in one afternoon trip for a coffee.

This shows the benefit of checking pensions, as you don’t know what might be in the background if you don’t know what to look for, or the questions to ask. If you would like us to check out your pension for you please contact us on 01543 410 512 or email enquiries@acuityfinancial.co.uk and we will get back to you, we will even let you have a coffee for free!




Paying the price of the “University Experience”

It’s no secret that the cost of the “University Experience” is now higher than it has ever been. According to The Guardian, the average cost of a degree per child is now around the £85,000 mark, and it is Parents and Grandparents who are playing an increasingly significant role in funding this. The estimated cost of studying in England is £22,189 over a 39-week year, and typical students (whose parents have an average household income) only receive £14,370 in loans and grants, meaning they (or you) need to make up a surplus of £7,819 on average, or £651 a month!

A lot of the older generation have money available to help, but it is locked away in pensions which cannot be accessed. Pension regulations now allow for income to be taken flexibly, on an as and when basis if needed, and this gives Parents and Grandparents the ability to help out the younger generation in paying for their university life, as well as have flexibility on how they take their own income. Let’s not forget that it is not only tuition fees that need to be paid, but books need buying, bills need paying and of course, social lives need funding.

If, on the other hand, you are a younger parent and are now worrying about how you will fund your child’s future education, that is also something we can help you with. Savings Plans and Investment ISA’s are now more important than ever, and they are something which we can look at setting up for you. With the limit on how much you can pay into an ISA now £20,000 per tax year, we can help you to maximise your saving potential for your children’s futures.

If you are in a position where you think that you can help out your Grandchildren or Children, and want to talk to someone about how you can do this, get in touch with us on 01543 440 300, or drop us an email at enquiries@acuityfinancial.co.uk.

An Extra £700 Income Per Year? Yes Please!

Our client had several older style pension plans with guaranteed annuity rates and asked us to look at these, to obtain the best income available for him.

We obtained quotations from the provider, and these showed an annuity rate of only 7.07%. This was less than we expected from our knowledge of this type of scheme.

We therefore queried this with the provider, who confirmed there has been an error, and we finally managed to secure him a rate of 12.75%, which the original should have been.

Our client would not have been aware that the initial rate was incorrect, and if he had not come to us for advice he may have accepted the original quotations.

This error is unlikely to have been picked up by the provider, as data provided by them was incorrect on two occasions when we queried it, and only after a number of telephone conversations and persistence by us that they had made a mistake did we manage to obtain the correct rates.

Finally our client has ended up £700 per year better off, as a result of taking advice.

Our client was very happy and said “Thank you very much for your detailed letter and for all that you have done to secure the best possible rates for me. It was certainly worth my while consulting you!”

If you have any pension plans which you do not know a lot about (or even some that you do!) that you would like us to take a look at, give us a call on 01543 440 300 or email us at enquiries@acuityfinancial.co.uk.

The Value of Financial Advice

New research sponsored by Royal London shows those customers who receive financial advice can be better off on average by £40,000.

Read the full article here.

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Today is the right time

We advised our client to delay taking his pension a few years ago, as it had special benefits. We’ve today set up an annuity for him, which is 159% higher than he could buy on the open market.

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Have you checked your pensions or savings recently?

With so much going on, it’s easy to simply file those pension and investment statements without a second glance, as surely the provider will be making sure that your nest egg is performing as effectively as possible.

Well, think again. In many circumstances, unless you make a conscious effort to review performance and change your investment strategy, then nothing at all will happen to ensure that your investments strategy is working in the way it was designed.

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