Mortgage product ending soon? Thinking maybe of just changing product?

Let us check whether this is best for you, and if it is we can normally arrange it for you, without charging you anything.

That’s right. There has been a seed change in the mortgage market, with lenders trying to keep their borrowers more actively, rather than borrowers having to change lender every time their mortgage product ends.

Some are better than others. Some lenders will offer all their mortgage products to existing borrowers, some will have a limited range with the best rates only being given to new borrowers, though they are now becoming the minority.

A further change is that many lenders have changed their systems so that we can access your mortgage account (with permission of course!), and if it is in your best interests we can arrange a product transfer for you.

We will always check whether you would be best served by changing lender, as we can look at thousands of mortgages, but if the current lender does offer good rates this is much easier to arrange than a remortgage.

It should be quick, normally doesn’t need underwriting again, and there is no need to use a solicitor to change lender.

And, again a recent change, most lenders will pay us a fee for arranging this. If so, and the case is straightforward as it should be, then we won’t need to charge you anything directly for arranging this for you.

So, if your product is ending in the next 4 months why not give us a call. We can advise you, arrange everything for you, you will get advice on your options which most lenders won’t offer, and it won’t cost you anything.

What do you have to lose?

Secure a very low fixed rate mortgage now whilst you can!

According to Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, a rise in interest rates could be happening in the “relatively near term”.

The Bank of England will next review the current interest rate on the 2nd November, so there is no time to lose. Contact us now to secure a fixed rate mortgage whilst rates are around ‘record low’ levels, because it won’t forever!

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